One of the greatest single sources of injury and death to the British workforce is on the construction sites.  Part of the government’s approach to tackling this statistic was the introduction of The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations recently updated in 2007 (CDM Regs 2007).

The goal of these regulations is to ensure that clients appoint competent designers and contractors, give them sufficient time to design and carry out the works safely, and to record what was built so that any subsequent works can be carried out in the full knowledge of what has gone before.  Thus these regulations set out a limited number of common sense duties which apply to the client, the designers and the contractor.  It should be noted that the CDM Regs 2007 apply to all construction projects no matter how large or small.  Naturally the larger the project, the more onerous the regulations.  If a project is likely to take over 28 days or require more than 500 man hours to complete, a CDM Co-ordinator (CDM-C) must be appointed.

It is to this crucial role of CDM Co-ordinator that Signal Surveyors bring our expertise. Being Chartered Building Surveyors and also members of the Association Project Safety means that we are unique in our understanding of the construction project delivery process and our understanding of how health and safety can interact with this.  Consequently we are able to offer a pragmatic approach to CDM Regs 2007, the role of CDM-C  and health and safety on site always being mindful of delivery on time and delivery on budget.