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At Signal Surveyors we believe the commercial property market is undergoing a fundamental shift in the way it operates. For landlords the focus is on long-term income and protection of the asset value, whilst for tenants the focus is on value for money and flexibility. The current economic climate is so severe that the norms that used to apply to the commercial property market no longer apply. More...

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    A Building Survey by Signal Surveyors will provide the client with the key information to conclude their property negotiations to their commercial advantage.

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  • Leases


    Most commercial property leases will contain clauses covering obligations for the tenant to; keep the building repair, carry out decorations and comply with statutes.

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  • Compliance


    At Signal Surveyors we believe that health and safety and compliance can have a useful role to play in making any company more efficient and reducing the likelihood of civil litigation. We never forget that you are in a competitive business environment. We aim to help you reduce the resources spent on compliance to the minimum and the resources you do spend, help your business become more efficient.

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